Conference summary

On October 24, 2019, in Warsaw, at the headquarters of the ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network – Institute of Electronic Materials Technology and at the headquarters of GeniCore Sp. z o.o., the second meeting of scientists and entrepreneurs related to spark plasma sintering technology (SPS) was held – an innovative technology for producing materials from metallic and ceramic powders. Materials manufactured using the SPS method are used in the most demanding industries.

The organizers of the II National Workshop on Spark Plasma Sintering were: GeniCore Sp. z o.o., ŁUKASIEWICZ – Institute of Electronic Materials Technology, ŁUKASIEWICZ – Metal Forming Institute and Usługi Ślusarskie from Sieroszewice.

The workshop’s scientific committee was composed of many respected scientists from Poland and abroad, and the special guest of the workshop was Jan Räthel from the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS) from Dresden, who gave an opening lecture entitled “The FAST/SPS Tool – Considerations on Scalability”.

A total of 62 people took part in the workshop, including 40 people from 12 research units and 22 people from 6 companies.

During the workshop the latest research results of Polish scientists were presented, as well as the effects of implementing GeniCore technology U-FAST into industrial practice. 19 papers were delivered. During the workshop, the Polish spark plasma sintering device in the U-FAST technology from GeniCore was also presented. The sintering process was carried out in the company’s laboratory, during which the functionalities of the device and their impact on the results of the materials manufacturing process were discussed.

The annual National Workshop on Spark Plasma Sintering is undoubtedly one of the first joint ventures of the Institutes co-creating the ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network. The success of this event is undeniably based on the idea of networking: the workshop is a platform for the exchange of information, resources, mutual support and opportunities, creating a network of mutual contacts between science and business.

During the workshop, it was announced that the third edition of the workshop will take place at the headquarters of the ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network – Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies in Cracow in October 2020.